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Subject: Computer Tips and Tricks
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archer38 19.01.11 - 09:14am
Tricks about computer post it here. *

archer38 16.01.13 - 12:23am
How to prevent autorun.inf virus?

1) create empty folder name autorun.inf so that the autorun.inf file/virus is not enter on your system coz we created the folder same name of autorun.inf *

archer38 16.01.13 - 12:37am
How to remove undeletable files and folders/virus

1) go to task manager pressing the 3 finger salute (ctrl alt del)
2) highlight explorer.exe then click end at the bottom right corner
3) go to command prompt by pressing winkey R then type cmd and hit enter
4) type cd enter to go to root directory of your c: drive
5) now start removing manually the undeletable files or folder/virus
6) type del /f /a (virusname) then hit enter
7) type rd /s /q (virusname) then hit enter
8) after deleting all the virus go back to task manager and click file then new task at the write bar type explorer.exe then hit enter.

nkutisma 7.03.13 - 05:01pm
how do i start up or create a social network? *

warded 20.04.22 - 07:57pm
Turn off autorun for all devices and operating systems. idea.GIF *

trunking 20.04.22 - 09:19pm
Interesting repost.GIF *

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